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FLOURISH | Mentee Application

In order to be considered for Flourish, all mentees must be 20 - 40 years old at the time of application.

Please review the questions to allow enough time for completing the application in one sitting.

Contact Information


Personal Information

Mentee Information

FLOURISH is a one year journey in which you commit to daily time in the Word with Jesus. You also commit to walking in relationship with your mentor through weekly connections via text/email and monthly meetings which will consist of a mix of individual and group meetings.

Meeting Preferences

Atlanta applicants please keep in mind there will most likey be a commute for in person meetings with your mentor.

Please select all preferred meeting times with a mentor. We cannot guarantee exact compatibility with your mentor and other mentees in your group. Please plan to be flexible and work through schedules if you are matched.

Please choose three areas of life where you are interested in receiving insight:

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If matched, by initialing below, I commit to attend the REQUIRED FLOURISH kick-off:

Completion of this application does not guarantee participation in FLOURISH. Our team prayerfully considers every match that is made and will carefully consider each person who is placed in the FLOURISH journey. We will be sure to communicate with all applicants once final matches are made. Thanks for taking time to apply for FLOURISH!